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Houston Football Sequin Dress

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The Houston Football Sequin Jersey Dress is a show-stopping piece that combines style, team spirit, and comfort. Made entirely of sequins on the exterior, it boasts a mesmerizing blue and yellow design that captures the excitement and energy of Houston football. With its shimmering sequins, this football jersey dress is guaranteed to make a bold statement wherever you go, whether you're attending a game, hosting a sports-themed party, or simply expressing your love for the Houston football team.


  • Beautiful sequin exterior with a linen interior 
  • Mid-sleeved women’s T-shirt dress design with crew neck
  • Dual-sided design with blue and yellow sequins
  • Coordinating stripe embellishments on each sleeve

If you're a passionate Houston fan needing a little sports glam in your life, this sequin jersey dress is perfect! Browse even more sports fashion from Sequin Fans now!


  • 100% polyester
  • One size fits most

Length :

  • Dress 31in
  • Shirt: 25in
  • Jacket: 29in

Bust and Hip Width : 25in (48in total around)
Arm Width : 9in (18 in total around)

Height : 66 INCHES
Bust : 39.5 INCHES
Waist : 33.5 INCHES
Hips : 39 INCHES


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